Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lizette Greco

Lizette Greco is wonderful. Why is she so wonderful? Well first she makes a wide variety of merchandise that all have an extra special touch. That touch is that she takes her childrens drawings and incorporates them into her design. When you purchase her items there is a little print of the drawing which makes it so special. I love childrens art. It's so creative, imaginative and I wish I knew more kids to get it from. I am always asking my friends kids to draw me stuff and mail it to me but to no avail. booooooo.
Lizette is also a wonderful person. She came from California last year with her two beautiful children for the show. They hung out, fought the massive crowd and met some fellow artist along the way. She is a gracious person and I am happy to see that she will be around this year!


Anonymous said...

goal setting books for your home library collection.

Dhube said...

I love her work ! :)

Lizette said...

Looking forward to the next Plush You!