Thursday, March 23, 2006

I am back!

Hello Friends! I missed this blog world and all of you! Yesterday I was going to do some posting but I also needed to catch up on work and then it seemed like blogger was down. Today I will get down to business.

First up today is Little Odd Forest by Forestprints Design. I really love these guys. Her site has lots of goodies on it, everything just as tempting as the next. I saw her stuff for Plush Rush and knew I wanted her to participate. So glad she is willing to send her stuff all the way from Singapore!

Before I forget, I am still looking for volunteers for the workshops. If you live in Seattle or close by and want to volunteer your time for these events, please let me know!


Girlgoth said...

What do you need the volunteers to do? If I can do it, I'd be interested (and I'm in Seattle. :)

Spindle said...