Friday, February 10, 2006

One more idea...i am full of ideas

Right now there is lots of fun stuff to write about, new participants to admire, etc. but then we will have this big space in time where there is nothing to really talk about on a regular basis. This is where the new idea comes in, I am thinking if any participant would like to write something for this blog to keep people visiting it, keeping people excited, talking about plush, etc., please do so. It's going to get annoying if you have to read my rambling all the time and then we all become one big plushie family! It's kind of like the Whip Up concept.


* How to make plush
* Where to get cool new supplies for your plush
* Fun projects with kids
* Good books on making plush
* How creating plush items has changed your life
* How/Why you started making plush items in the first place
* How to market your items to stores
* Other plush events
* new ideas you have had

this list could go on and on. be creative, participate, love it....we love you

send what you wrote to me and i will put it


joy madison said...

I think this is an awesome idea....I am just beginning to create softies, and I'd love tips etc.!

sooz said...

This is great - I promise I'll scrath out something soon!