Tuesday, February 28, 2006

how to make a sock bird

From Ivy. Thank YOU!!

How to: make a sock bird.
Here are instructions for making a stuffed bird from a sock, these make really quick inexpensive, easy gifts and depending on what you add once it’s finished, can be given to anyone from a baby to an adult.
This works best with a short ankle sock. I sew most of it on the sewing machine, use needle and thread to close the stuffing holes and to sew the wings and eyes on. Refer to the photos for all steps.

Step 1: Turn your sock inside out and flatten.

Step 2: Start at the heel and sew down, straight and then up into the shape of a bird (make sure to leave the toe piece intact). image
*Be sure to leave an opening just below the tail for turning.

Step 3: Cut excess from around your seam, turn and stuff.
*If the bird isn’t going to be used as a toy, you may want to put a small rock in the bottom to weight it down.

Step 4: Cut toe piece in half to make wings (make sure to leave an opening for stuffing, or you can snip a small turning hole in the back of the wing) sew up, stuff lightly and close. image

Step 5: Position the wings on the side of the body (you really have to eye this one, I can’t tell you exactly where they should go). Put a threaded needle through the body once without the wings (so the knot isn’t apparent once finished), then sew the wings on.

Step 6: Choose eyes, I usually use large glass seed beads, but you can use buttons or you can embroider them on to make it a baby friendly toy. Sew the eyes on the same way as the wings.

Step 7: Embelish as much or as little as you want. You can embroider, bead, paint really anything you want. If you decide to embroider or bead, you can easily pull the knots through the knit in the sock so that they are invisible. You can also attach a thin ribbon to the back to make an ornament.

If any of these instructions don’t make sense or you get stuck, email me at ivy @ blah . net.


ivy said...

oops! The diagram photos didn't get included (and you might need them)...

Jo said...

Great project but the links you posted for the photos don't work. :(

Anonymous said...

umm i dont know how to sew

Anonymous said...

Does it have to be done by machine or can you completely sew it by hand???