Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Plush You 2007

We are now accepting applications for Plush You! 2007. The show is scheduled to open on October 12th. Because of all the work we need to do to make this another great show, we will require that all work be in our doors on August 24th. Due to the overwhelming response to the last show we have had to change the rules up a bit and they are as follows.

This year, Schmancy, Fancy + Pants and Nancy will be hosting Plush You. Each store will be responsible for choosing who will show in their stores and then dealing separately with the contributing artists.

How will each store pick?

We are going to ask each person that would like to participate in this year’s show to email us at plushyou2007@gmail.com. In your email please put your name, location, website address and attach 3 samples of your work.

The closing date for submissions will be April 15th. Due to the overwhelming response we are being strict about the date this year. Once we decide who is going where, we will send out emails separately to you with further information.

The allotment is as follows:
Schmancy will be having 50 to 60 artists
Fancy + Pants will be having 20 to 30 artists
Nancy will be having 20 to 30 artists

We will slowly add pictures of each submission on our blog at www.plushyou.blogspot.com with a link to your website so either way, you get some people heading your way.

We love you all and wish we had 50 hours in a day and many helpers to work on Plush You! Unfortunately we don’t have either so we have to pick and choose. There are no guidelines for “what to make”. We just ask that you show us work that will truly represent your artistic style.

Thank you for your interest and support in Plush You!

Until next time,
Your friends at Schmancy, Fancy + Pants and Nancy

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